June 25, 2015
7:00 PM
Lancaster County Administration Building
8311 Mary Ball Road
Lancaster, Virginia

Call to Order

Public Input Session (Non-Public Hearing Matters - One Opportunity - Five Minute Time Limit)


Virginia Department of Transportation

Public Hearings

  1. Amend Lancaster County Code of Ordinances Section 22-2 to Move the Polling Site Locations for Precincts 301, 302 and 401
  2. Application for Special Exception - Stephen and Julie Perkins
  3. Application for Special Exception - Donald W. Smith
  4. Application for Special Exception - Elizabeth Jane Baugh

Consensus Docket

  1. Minutes for May 18th and May 28th Budget Work Sessions and May 28th Regular Meeting
  2. School Request to Roll Over FY 15 Capital Improvement Funds for the LHS Athletic Facility to FY 16

Consideration Docket

  1. Salaries and Invoices - June 2015
  2. FY 2016 Lancaster County Operating and Capital Improvement Budgets
  3. FY 2016 Appropriation Resolution
  4. CY 2015 Lancaster County Tax Rate Ordinance
  5. Approval of Contract and Resolution for the Award of Contract Under Cooperative Procurement and Determination of Sole Source Procurement for Upgrades to Radio Communication System
  6. Resolution Supporting Dominion Virginia Power's Norris Bridge Transmission Line Project

Board Reports

County Administrator Report

Closed Meeting (if necessary)


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