Would you like to be an Election Officer

The Lancaster County Registrar and Electoral Board are seeking individuals to serve as "Officers of Election" to work at the polls this Election Day.

What is an Election Officer?

Election Officers work at the polls on Election Day to ensure elections are run in an honest and well-organized manner. Election Officers are appointed by the County Electoral Board with a one year term starting March 1st of each year.

Am I eligible to work as an Officer?

  • You can serve if you are a registered voter in Virginia.
  • And if you do not hold any government elective office.
  • You cannot be the deputy or employee of an elected official.
  • If you enjoy serving the public, display first-rate customer service and are detail oriented.

Is training provided?

All Election Officers are required to attend a training class. Classes are held prior to each election and you are paid for your time. You will work with experienced Election Officials (Chief and Assistant Chief Officers at each precinct) and will have reference materials to refer to as well as access to the Registrar's Office by telephone.

Are Election Officers paid?

Yes, you will be compensated for working Election Day, and for attending the training session.

What are the duties?

  1. Election Officials work for the Electoral Board and follow the guidelines and standards that lead to exceptional customer service for our citizens in helping them to be successful voters Election Day.
  2. Election Officials are given a great deal of responsibility and trust in the election process. Officials work together to produce accurate election results, provide for equal access to voting and the necessary assistance to individual voters who need their help. Officials demonstrate equipment, make sure voters are in their proper precinct, help citizens complete necessary changes of address and remind voters to check their ballots for accuracy, among other responsibilities.
  3. Voting precincts are located in churches, schools, or community centers. Most of these locations do not permit smoking in or on the premises. Please consider this when accepting the position.

Officials must be willing to:

  1. Arrive at the polling location at 5 a.m. and remain there until the election results have been reported (generally around 8 p.m.; for Presidential Election - 9 p.m.).
  2. Report to and follow directions of the Precinct Chief Officer of Election who assigns jobs to officials. Please be willing to do whatever job they assign.
  3. Stay at the polling location all day. No exceptions are permitted. This means each Election Official is responsible for bringing his or her own food to eat for the day.
  4. Be courteous and people-friendly to our voters. Wear appropriate dress (no blue jeans, sweat clothes, t-shirts, or shorts).

How do I apply?

Call Voter Registration at 804-462-5277 or fill out the online form.