Emergency Services Committee

Meeting Date: As called

Where: Board of Supervisors Meeting Room, County Administration Building, 8311 Mary Ball Road, Lancaster, Virginia

Duties: Develop and maintain the Emergency Services Plan and respond to emergency situations.

Members and County Representatives

Director: William Smith

Deputy Director: Don G. Gill, 804-462-5129

Coordinator: Matt Smith, 804-436-3553

Deputy Coordinator: Creig Moore

Law Enforcement: Patrick McCranie

White Stone Fire Department: Dan Sanders

Kilmarnock Fire Department: Roy Hall

Upper Lancaster Fire Department: Danny Akers

Kilmarnock Rescue Squad: Craig Thompsen

Upper Lancaster Rescue Squad: Teresa Rock

Transportation & Schools: John Mann

Red Cross: Vacant

Shelters: John Mann

Hospital: Kimberly Hensley

Health Department: Dr. Richard Williams

Social Services: Edna Davenport

Public Information: Don G. Gill

Communications: Heather Jenkins

Radiological Officer: Matt Smith

Hazmat Officer: Matt Smith

Fire Official: Brett Dawson

Damage Assessment: Brett Dawson