Public Meeting Information

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Unless otherwise noted, public meetings are held in the Board of Supervisors meeting room at the County Administration Building, 8311 Mary Ball Road, Lancaster, Virginia.

The Courthouse Tour

  • The Lancaster Judicial Center opened in December 2010 and contains the Circuit and General District court rooms and associated clerk's offices.
  • The County Administration Building, formerly the Lancaster Courthouse, houses most non-court affiliated local government offices.
  • The old Circuit Courtroom in the Lancaster County Administration Building now serves as the Board of Supervisors Meeting Room.
  • Portraits of key figures in Lancaster County's history adorn the Board Meeting Room, including this one of Mary Ball, the mother of George Washington.
  • The Eagle from the pilothouse of the steamship "Lancaster" occupies a perch next to the portrait of Robert "King" Carter in the Board Meeting Room.
  • The Lancaster War Memorial, located on the grounds of the County Administration Building, honors those citizens who died in defense of their country.
  • The Courthouse Bell guards the west wing entrance of the Lancaster County Administration Building.

About Lancaster County

Lancaster County was chartered by the Virginia General Assembly in 1651 on the same day as Gloucester County making them the 12th and 13th counties established in the Virginia Colony. The present Courthouse was built in 2010 and houses county records maintained virtually intact since 1652.

The county lies in Virginia's coastal plain, bounded on the east by the Chesapeake Bay and to the south and west by the Rappahannock River. Both water bodies are major contributors to the county's 180 miles of shoreline. ...

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