Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda
Date: August 29, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Lancaster County Administration Building

Call to Order

Special Called Closed Meeting with the Broadband Authority

  1. Legal Matters - Code of Virginia §2.2-3711.A.8
  2. Contract Negotiation - Code of Virginia §2.2-3711.A.29

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Input Session (One Opportunity-Five Minute Time Limit)


  1. Broadband Authority Update

Virginia Department of Transportation

Public Hearings

  1. Proposed Ordinance to Repeal and Abolish the Hills Quarter Community Development Authority
  2. Proposed Tax Code Amendment to Change the Date Interest Begins to Accrue on Delinquent Taxes
  3. Proposed License Agreement for Ingress/Egress Across the Existing Road Through the Closed Tri-County Landfill

Consensus Docket

  1. Minutes for the July 25th Regular Meeting

Consideration Docket

  1. Salaries and Invoices – August 2019

Board Reports

County Administrator Report

Closed Meeting (If Necessary)